The word "guru" is a term for "teacher" or "master". The guru is considered a respected person heavy with a wealth of knowledge, an imparter of knowledge. As a marketing term used by ad agencies the word "guru" has been used to cover anyone who acquires followers. Guru is Master. Mentor. Adviser.

IMAGURU is giving start to a new tradition of transferring knowledge from business to business in Belarus. This is a new style of business communications, when the place and the environment are becoming a catalyst for new ideas, knowledge and change in the mindset. 


What is it?

IMAGURU is a multifunctional innovative space on two floors with well set working places and offices, two conference halls, three meeting/class rooms, and a cozy lounge zone. IMAGURU is an ideal place for business events: from business trainings and presentations to conferences and forums. We invite speakers from all over the world:  Europe, the USA, Russia and Belarus.

Morning. One can join us for a morning coffee discussion.

Working day. Co-workers work hard in their offices and open space. There are business meetings and workshops all day around.

Night. There are networking events, movies, and music where you can enjoy a wonderful evening, meet new friends and get new impressions. Welcome to good mood area!


Who for?

First of all for businesses-of-tomorrow: fast growing innovative ventures, tech based companies aimed at the global market.

For all those who would benefit from meetings with mentors and investors, participation in various contests , hack-a-thons, boot camps, meetings with leaders of successful European start-ups, speakers from Silicon Valley and Europe.

For those who would tend to avoid the 9-hour working schedule, boring interior and dull office environment.

IMAGURU is a must visit place for top managers of foreign ventures who would need a work space, centrally located in Minsk. This is an ideal place to organize important business meetings or corporate events, meet local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors.