We are a team of young professionals: active, committed and following the “impossible is nothing” principle.

We are here entrepreneurs, developers, designers, engineers, and people with so many diverse skills. We work hard 24/7, and we love what we do. That is a “secret” ingredient of our business, and an extremely helpful tool to find solutions to any problem we meet along the way. Enjoying our job means also staying creatively responsible for every single step we do.

For your love, for your passion, for your biggest idea…

… Our efforts are here!


Tania Marinich Nastia Khamiankova Yauhen Puhach
CEO & Co-Founder COO & Co-Foudner Coworking
tm@bel.biz n@bel.biz jp@imaguru.by

Got your next big idea? Tania is happy to discuss the next big step: new venture, product, investment cooperation, strategic partnership and just a cool idea that you believe will change the world!

Want to organize a conference or forum at IMAGURU? Nastia is your guide. Ready to mentor TechMinsk startups? Nastia will be happy to link you to the best teams from Belarus.

Have questions about Coworking? Write, call, but it is better to come! In place of all show and tell!

Sveta Sokolova  

Need a room for a training/workshop or presentation? Don’t hesitate to call Svetlana!












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