Event type Meet up
When 25 January 2014 в 12:00
Organizer Belarus Ruby Usergroup, Altoros
Erlang + Ruby meetup (Belarus Ruby User Group)



Jury Zhloba (TvZavr.ru, Moscow)

Speech: “What Are the Advantages of Erlang On the Whole And For Web-Development In Particular?”

What are the projects that Erlang is good for? It has nothing comparable with Ruby on Rails, so why should we use it? We’ll clear up the matter and provide examples of successful Erlang web-projects.


Sergey Nartimov (Brainspec, Minsk)

Speech:“The Elixir Programming Language”

Erlang has one of the best virtual machines. There are various programming languages built on top of the Erlang VM. One of them is Elixir that has syntax similar to Ruby’s and metaprogramming abilities similar to Clojure’s.


Sergey Kharitich, Dmitry Makarichev, Denis Laverov (PrivatBank, Dnepropetrovsk)

Speech: “Cloud Conveyor”

PrivatBank has been using Erlang for a long time and want to share their experience of data processing in Cloud environments.


Maxim Sokhatsky (Voxoz.com, Kiev)

Speech: “N2O: Beyound Ruby. Alternative Web in  Erlang”

RoR-like  web-frameworks for Erlang. How to adjust with minimal effort from Ruby on Rails to Erlang? What are the advantages of the transfer of server part in Erlang in the context of integration with the other services? A new web-framework for Erlang – N20: JavaScript compiler, data bases, REST toolkit, WebSockets.


Participants need to register on Belarus Ruby User Group‘s site.


Time: 12.00-16.00

Registration begins at 11:30


Organizers: Belarus Ruby Usergroup, Altoros

#belarus_ruby #brug