Event type Meet up
When 19 February 2014 в 19:30
Organizer Life in Кайф!
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Life. Instructions for Use

Do you control your life? Do you feel happy right now? Do you feel a surge of energy in anticipation of a new day? Do you know what do you want to achieve in your life and how to achieve it?

Unfortunately, most people do not even realize what is really happy life. But we'll figure it out!

Come to our free workshop and learn :
- Why don't you get the maximum enjoyment out of life?
- What prevents you from development  and how to handle this?
- What is full life? What do you need  to aspire to?
- How to achieve your goals?
In our workshop, you just do not get bored , we do not tell you theory, we learn about ourselves in the process of communication and interesting practices. Our meetings are known for their  positive atmosphere, cause   you can meet  here people, who want  to grow and develop.
Seats are  limited!
To book a place , leave a request :