The space to network and relax!
Entrepreneurs get access to best networking opportunities in an informal atmosphere of IMAGURU lounge zone.

Coworking / Anticafe

rubles (30 000) for hour

Space for network and relax! Entrepreneurs get access to the best networking opportunities in a casual atmosphere IMAGURU seating area.

It is a cozy space with sofas, chairs and barstools for informal communication. Here you can organize corporate events, press conferences and business breakfasts.
Cultural and networking events
Books and newspapers
Coffee, tea, sweets (and you can cook whatever you want)
IMAGURU is not just a place to work, but it is a great environment for business communication. If you need a break from work just to join colleagues in the lobby area where you can chat over a cup of coffee and even make an omelet if you are hungry. You can have your breakfast here, and dinner.
Looking for something special?
Come and play a few games here developing your brain and muscles, including table tennis, table football and billiards. You'll get a lot of easy and fun.
Just need a quite atmosphere?
Here you are. Take you place in a cozy couch, surf the Internet or enjoy a very old-fashioned activity: reading a book or newspaper.
Our evening schedule at IMAGURU amazing. Please see our schedule of cultural and corporate events. Could not find anything of your interest? Please initiate an event that you would enjoy! We are open for all the great ideas!