3 best coworking spaces in Stockholm
08 January

IMAGURU team is travelling a lot to find out how coworking spaces in different countries work, to look for new ideas and knowledge from around the world. We spread the word about the first ever Startup HUB in Minsk and Startup Belarus Community. Our idea is to create a network of reliable HUBs which partner to IMAGURU , and which you guys can visit where ever in the world you are and feel like home. Let’s start from Christmas Stockholm. Our team was on a study trip there and have chosen 3 best coworking spaces in Stockholm.



“It is not about coworking, it’s about cocreation” – Rebeca  started an overview of a new born coworking space in STHLM called “We have Co.”. Rebeca, she is Spanish, founded this place in October together with two friends. She is a designer and very much passionate about what she is doing.

We Have Company is a physical platform for open innovation, created to be a multi-functional, multi-purpose co-creation space where your work is catalyzed by the exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge and working with others. It has a size of a simple apartment we got used to, with a kitchen, fixed and flexible desks, and some cozy corners and walls.

For example, on that wall you can leave your inspirational words for the members. When someone really feels down, he could open an envelope with his name and keep up with his ideas leading to change the world.

What amazing about this place is a new way of collaboration they promote. We Have Company serves as a meeting point for stakeholders to meet, brain-storm, share ideas and collaborate. Members of We Have Company are asked to allocate 2 hours per month for time banking. For every hour participants ‘deposit’ in a timebank by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to ‘withdraw’ equivalent support in time when they themselves need something doing. Together the members are developing systems, products, or services through the  act of collective creativity. 

BTW We have Co. holds hackathons very often. So IMAGURU does. Why not to organize something together?

Well, the address of ‘We Have Co.’ is

Bondegatan 64C, Södermalm Stockholm

116 33 Stockholm ‎ Sweden

 Email:  team@wehavecompany.se

Another place is really outstanding. This is entrepreneurship church… And a popular question:  Is it a real church?  - So, yes! Founders organized a coworking space in a former church building. The atmosphere makes you see outside the box. A high ceiling, around 200 sq m of open space with kitchen and game zone on a balcony, IKEA Swedish style furniture, all that make you forget that you are inside the church. Only crosses, and other canonical decorations remained untouched.


So the word ‘CREATE’ written down on the wall gets more valuable meaning in this place.

The founders say, “this is a place for us to have fun and play with ideas”. Events are constantly taking place both in conventional forms – mingles, pitching evenings, TEDx – and less conventional: a competition in social entrepreneurship between Sweden’s leading politicians just before elections, the after-party for the international furniture week, a wedding, a laughter workshop – to name a few.

It’s amazing! Members have lunch together in one time over there! This is a special rite for them.

The address of Kyrkan (which is ‘church’ in Swedish)

Str. Idungatan 4b, 2nd floor, Stokholm, Sweden

Entrance code is 2345.

IMAPCT HUB is the oldest coworking space in Stockholm. It is part of a global network (from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to San Francisco, 40+ locations) of connected communities that enable collaborative ventures.  Impact Hubs unite people from every profession, background and culture with imagination and drive to pursue enterprising ideas for the world. These are the people who see and do things differently and have entrepreneurial passion to create sustainable impact. 

What is really impressive about this HUB is that you will spend hours watching a great number of cozy corners and rooms landed around open space. This is amazing.


Coworking space which is around 300 sqm is always booked. There are a lot of events organized in this place every day: networking events, exhibitions, live musical performances, product and press launches, speaker events, meetings, workshops, receptions, and pop-up dinners. By choosing Impact Hub as a host place in Stockholm, you access a creative space and a thriving community of entrepreneurs. This environment will inspire you to think in new ways!

The address of Impact Hub Stockholm

Riddargatan 17D, 3tr  Stockholm 114 57 Sweden

+46 (0)8-667 49 07


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