Announced the date of the beginning of the popular vote Award REALT GOLDEN KEY 2014
27 March
Not all companies wishing to compete for prizes, time to prepare the necessary information and materials and to apply. In this regard, it was decided to postpone the beginning of online voting on April 15, prior to that date as possible the registration of companies and projects to participate in the Prize.
Alexander Martynenko, head of the portal 
- In order for citizens participating in online voting could get complete information about the participants Prize journalists portal prepare a series of articles devoted to each nominee. Information on all nominations placed on the appropriate page on the site REALT GOLDEN KEY 2014.
15 January
The buldings of former factories- an ideal place for coworking, creative spaces and quest rooms
There are a lot of objects in Minsk, that nobody allegedly needs: the buildings of former factories, old administrative areas, basements. Citizens' opinions concerning this question are divided: ones want these building to be ruined, others suppose that they need reconstruction and a chance for a second life. We are followers of the second idea. made a trip around the city and found out, how many functional decisions are created to these buldings.
13 January
"Anywhere without love at all!". Parents- startups advice how to raise a child and the project
A startup is the same child. It borns, grows, become stronger and get on its feet. Sometimes it is ill and capricious. And no doubt, that it needs a lot of uor attention. How is it- to raise a child and a startup at the same time? seek the advice of parents'startupers.
12 January
TechMinsk Winter'17 Batch
TechMinsk is the first Startup Accelerator Program in Belarus. This 5-week educational program is based in Minsk Imaguru Startup HUB. The program consists of evening master-classes, workshops, lectures, and sessions with international and local top notch mentors and experts. They share their experience and provide advice to teams mostly in English (or Russian) .