Effective management of staff of different generations
05 September
September 2 at the press center of the "Arguments and Facts" held a press eksperting on employment trends and motivation of employees of different generations. Practicing experts sphere HR, geriatrics, sociology, psychology, as well as UNFPA Representative discussed whether the "theory of generations" in our environment and how modern techniques of adaptation and employee engagement are relevant today. 
Among the invited speakers press ekspertinga - Elena Esipovich, HR Director, transport and logistics companies, Sergey Lisichenok, a specialist in software for UNFPA, Irina TOKAREVA, Chief Freelance geriatrician Health Committee of Minsk City Executive Committee, head of the city geriatric center, Svetlana Shaporova, director HeadHunter Belarus project RABOTA.TUT.BY, Lyudmila Shakhotko, Chief Scientific Officer of the dynamics of socio-economic systems of the Institute of Economics of NAS of Belarus. 
As indicated by the discussion, one of the trends of personnel management - individualization of human resource management. Olga Pavlova, modertor press ekspertinga, business psychologist "Center for Business Growth", the head of the organizing committee III HR-Congress, stressed: "Approximately 50% of the surveyed companies' representatives say that faced with the conflict of generations. Although limited service generations was always, today the difference is too strong due to the economic and cultural changes in our society. The task of competent HR - find out where and how to put into practice the theory of generations, and where necessary to operate other approaches. "
Different generations require different approaches in the area of ​​retention and motivation of employees for the prevention of loss of productivity and to ensure continuity of knowledge and values​​. 
Despite the interest in young employees, and attention is drawn to the approaches to the staff of the older generations. Today, the age of the working population increases and therefore companies need to focus on the motivation and training of the older generation. The stereotype that the young man is easier to teach does not always work and in all areas of the concept of "young person" will be a success. 
At a press ekspertinge speakers talked about the western experience in the field of HR. Foreign colleagues note that in order for the team to work effectively, it must be formed of a balanced people of all ages and gender. In this case, each enterprise will have its own optimal balance, but the variety is necessary in any case. Belarusian companies is also important to learn to identify their needs. 
Undoubtedly, the most important rule for all employees one. If you want to stay on the job, to earn more in a comfortable environment, you need to continually develop professionally and personally. Including - learn communication with different generations. Among the many valuable employees and those over 50.
15 January
The buldings of former factories- an ideal place for coworking, creative spaces and quest rooms
There are a lot of objects in Minsk, that nobody allegedly needs: the buildings of former factories, old administrative areas, basements. Citizens' opinions concerning this question are divided: ones want these building to be ruined, others suppose that they need reconstruction and a chance for a second life. We are followers of the second idea. Realt.by made a trip around the city and found out, how many functional decisions are created to these buldings.
13 January
"Anywhere without love at all!". Parents- startups advice how to raise a child and the project
A startup is the same child. It borns, grows, become stronger and get on its feet. Sometimes it is ill and capricious. And no doubt, that it needs a lot of uor attention. How is it- to raise a child and a startup at the same time? Startuplife.by seek the advice of parents'startupers.
12 January
TechMinsk Winter'17 Batch
TechMinsk is the first Startup Accelerator Program in Belarus. This 5-week educational program is based in Minsk Imaguru Startup HUB. The program consists of evening master-classes, workshops, lectures, and sessions with international and local top notch mentors and experts. They share their experience and provide advice to teams mostly in English (or Russian) .