15 August
Stephen's printing business. Typography "Yustmazh" was established in 2001 and today is one of the largest private Belarusian publishing houses that specialize in the production of books and magazines. Office and production space for themselves based on the plant "thermoplastic." Today in the printing works 62 employees, two of them - people with disabilities. What is the cost to the employer, and whether he was afraid of the reputation of the enterprise, will find out on the job. 
- What exactly is done by people with disabilities in your company? 
- Today in our printing house there are two people with special needs. One works as a sales manager, he had a second group of disability, and the second - laborer. 
- As I understand it, the question of whether you are ready to take on the company of people with disabilities, is irrelevant, but there is a clarification. After all, people with disabilities may have different disorders: limited mobility, sensory impairment, mental ... What types of disability for work you are acceptable? 
- I will say frankly: ready to take on the job is not all. We could work, for example, for the Deaf, people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, but, for example, visually impaired or people with mental problems, I would not dare to take. And, in my opinion, for objective reasons. 
- What are you on this occasion there are concerns? 
- Yes, I can not explain it. An employee with a disability hearing, we can become a specialist, we can train him to work on the equipment. In addition, he can work on those areas where manual labor is used, - assembling magazines, books and so on. But here's the people who see weak, unable to perform such work. How do they check the correctness of the assembly, if not see the product? People with any mental illness, I am afraid to take, as in the printing sophisticated equipment, where a lot of rotating elements. The machines can be dangerous for people, especially for those whose behavior is unpredictable. To employ such a worker, you need to have someone constantly helped him, was next, prompting - we have no such possibility. 
- What are you worth to employ people with disabilities? 
- Absolutely nothing. We did not put any additional funds for the equipment of workplaces. People can work in the same conditions as everyone else. 
- Do you see any legal barriers for the employment of people with disabilities? 
- There are no barriers. If the applicant group disability, in which work is permitted, by law, we, of course, can we employ it. A medical examination are all employees without exception. There is no difference between people with disabilities and people without any restrictions. 
- Would you like to receive any preferences from the state for that provide jobs for people with disabilities? 
- Maybe. Today, there are some benefits for those companies, which employ more than 50 percent of people with disabilities. However, not every business can afford to employ so many people with disabilities. Despite the fact that taxes in Belarus are big enough to put the goal is unrealistic. I assume that in Belarus few firms that can not afford a team, comprising 50 percent of the people who have special needs. Likely to employ as many job seekers with disabilities are small businesses with fewer not more than ten people. 
- You are a member of the Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs, communicate with business constantly. Can you name other employers who are willing to accept people with disabilities? 
- I honestly had no interest in this topic, and I find it difficult to answer so soon. Come to mind only the Belarusian Society of the Visually Impaired and the Belarusian Association of the Deaf. They prepare professionals and employ them, but in this case we are talking about public organizations. 
- There are cases where businessmen, not to spoil your reputation, do not advertise the fact that employ people with disabilities. Why do you think? 
- I think not advertise simply because, as a rule, in our meetings about it not being speech. I do not understand why it can spoil the reputation. It seems to me that, on the contrary, it shows on some modern or something. Look in the same Germany there is a feeling that the people moving on wheelchairs, absolutely no obstacles. They can take any train stop in any store. When I went to the international printing exhibition "DRUPA" in Dusseldorf, there were a lot of people with reduced mobility. It created an environment that does not preclude them from participating ... 
I think that our government should work more actively in this direction. Businessmen are ready to hire people with disabilities. And these people want to work but are often limited conditions ... What to venture out, take the same state-building plant "thermoplastic." It does not check for wheelchairs, no lift. And as a man to get to your workplace? 
- Who, in your opinion, could solve this issue? 
- In my opinion, to finance in this particular case, the state should. Firstly, because the building is owned by the state, and our company only rents it. Secondly, the business is financially very heavy. We could order the project, to organize everything, but financially afford it can not. Yes, and to coordinate this project, I think it will be difficult, because of the area of ​​the plant in such a project will inevitably be used to lift and plant to reduce rental space is not interested. All in all - a business ready for a change!
21 October
A large two-day conference COMAQA Autumn 2016
5-6 November community COMAQA.BY will hold another great two-day conference devoted to automation and manual testing. Speakers from leading IT companies of Belarus will gather together to talk about their experience in testing and management. The conference will be held in 2 days in 2 flow: we have prepared 6 workshops and more than 16 reports!
18 October
Nucleo IoT Hackathon
19-23 October Nucleo IoT Hackathon will take place from Klika Tech. Gather a team of Front-end and Embedded developers to build IoT applications on the STM32 Nucleo platform. Come to make something really cool together!