Social Weekend III: The contest of social projects
09 April
Best social projects in Belarus were:
• « Internet - barriers no 2 " - the project won a grant of $ 2000 from the main partner of the event , a group of corporate communications FE " Wellcome "
• « The future of children in our hands " - the project will support the Minsk Capital Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers
• « Search-and- rescue squad Angel " - the project received a grant of $ 1000 from the organizers of the contest , charity auction meetings MaeSens
Besides awarded grants of $ 1000 for the project "The Good House" and, is also one of the organizers of the competition, financially supported several projects , including " Igroland ", " Novus - the game on an equal ," and " Fialta ."
A pleasant surprise for all participants was the initiative of the members of the jury :
• businessman Alexander Knyrovich will assist the project " First Steps to Work"
• " national judge " Vitaly Knyazev closes project needs " Nekropali Belarus"
• A representative of Atlant-M Valery Krasnevsky help in the realization of the project «MOVIE BUS»
18 October
Nucleo IoT Hackathon
19-23 October Nucleo IoT Hackathon will take place from Klika Tech. Gather a team of Front-end and Embedded developers to build IoT applications on the STM32 Nucleo platform. Come to make something really cool together!
15 October
The choice of the best fintech startup of the year, 21 Oct
We invite you to take part in the final of Fintech marathon, where the best fintech startup of the year will be chosen. If you want to be in the center of the digital transformation of the financial sector of the Republic of Belarus, you should definitely be at this event. We will change the history of the banking sector of the country!