20 years - Computer NEWS
23 July

The oldest IT-marketplace of bynet, where many well-known projects  have originated, including popular portals such as Tut.by, Dev.by and many other, had celebrated the twentieth anniversary. This solemn event was held at the Imaguru Business Club in Minsk. The CEO of "Belhard Group", Igor Mamonenko, the founder of TUT.by portal ,Yury Zisser, the creator of "Dainova" and a business angel, Palyuhovich Adam, as well as numerous colleagues from other media came over to congratulate the progenitors of the Belorussian IT-media.

The editorial office of  "Computer News" made a list of the top most important events in Belarus and in the World which happened during the existence of the magazine, which can be seen in a short but an eventful video:


The experts of "KV" have also chosen eight main indicators that reflect the dynamics of the IT industry, and on the basis of analysis of the values from 1994 to 2014 , the values for the year 2024 have been calculated.


The parameters





The cost of data on HDD per megabyte 





The cost  of RAM per megabyte





The cost of one megahertz processor 





The number of sites in the Bynet 

Less than 1000

10 000

102 000

1 030 000

The average salary in IT in Belarus 

5072 Rub.

435 000 Rub.

15 mln Rub

900 mln Rub.

Number of mobile users in Belarus 


2 mln.

11, 1 mln.

14 mln.

Internet users in Belarus 

20 000

1,4 mln.

4,8 mln.

7,6 mln.

Number of visitors TIBO 


25 000

38 000

52 000

This data will be published in the project of a new portal - KV.by under the code name  "Nostradamus". Every visitor of the portal will be able to check at any time whether the predictions have come true or not.

The new version of the portal KV.by, which is currently at the stage of closed beta-testing, is implementing the concept of high-tech club that unites people who are interested in high technology in all it’s manifestations. The editorial office will tell about the beginning of the new version of the portal to all the readers and journalists.

21 October
A large two-day conference COMAQA Autumn 2016
5-6 November community COMAQA.BY will hold another great two-day conference devoted to automation and manual testing. Speakers from leading IT companies of Belarus will gather together to talk about their experience in testing and management. The conference will be held in 2 days in 2 flow: we have prepared 6 workshops and more than 16 reports!
18 October
Nucleo IoT Hackathon
19-23 October Nucleo IoT Hackathon will take place from Klika Tech. Gather a team of Front-end and Embedded developers to build IoT applications on the STM32 Nucleo platform. Come to make something really cool together!