Social hackathon #hack4good for the second time in Minsk
13 February

Minsk hosted international hackathon #hack4good for the second time. The event was held in business club IMAGURU which was full of it specialists eager to make the world a better place!

The event started on Friday, February 7. Hackathon had quite traditional rules: 1 minute for preliminary pitch, 48 hours for active work and 3 minutes for final presentation. Besides we decided not to limit questions & answers session for each team.

The last day of the hackathon was the most interesting. Before the final presentations Ksenia Maksimova, the host of the event, explained the rules and introduced Dan Cunningham, a GeekList representative, who watched all final presentations live on Skype. Dan wished all participants good luck!

Ksenia also introduced the jury to the audience: Maria Cheriakova, Unesco projects manager, Ekaterina Shkor, event manager at ITStaff, Denis Kondratovich from SocStarter, Jury Zisser, founder and Alexander Scrabovsky, the founder of

Six teams took part in the hackathon. The first team named First Aid presented their project PandaAid. The application helps people caught in emergency to get clear instructions how to render first aid to other people or to help themselves.  You just answer several simple questions and then you get instructions how to solve your problem. Besides, with the help of the application one can call an ambulance.

The project Emergency Alert System is a geo service with Yandex maps. The cheerful Alexey described specific features of this app. You just put a point on a map and write the type of accident – fire, flood, etc.  So that one can see map, the exact address and photos. With the help of this app Housing Maintenance Services can inform people about planned suspensions of water supply.

The third project turned out to be the funniest one. I Believe is a global service for Android which helps to track UFO.  The app enables you to share news, photos and other evidence, proving that you are not a liar. All the news have buttons «I believe!» and  «Bullshit!» and author’s rating.

Kind People – one more Android app for asking other people for help. For instance, you fell and broke your leg. You can press the icon on your smartphone’s screen and tell in a microphone what happened. Your request will be placed on map, so that other users can help you if they are close to you.

One more team created a platform for sport communications --Community Base.  The project helps you to find information about sport events and championships. But its real objective is to unite sport fans, especially those who live in remote areas. The app is based on communities created by the users.

The last Android application named Kingdom of Words may be very useful because of the coming Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk in May. It helps foreigners to learn some common phrases in Belarusian and to learn more about our country. The phrasebook includes not only some popular phrases but also their transcription and audio files, helping foreigners to pronounce these phrases.

After the discussion the jury announced the list of winners. The first place took FirstAid team. They got 50% discount for 1-month coworking  in IMAGURU for all team members,  12 months of  Silver plan from and Sony Smartwatch from Social Weekend. The project I Believe won the second place and got 50% coworking  discount,  6 months of  Silver plan from The third place took Kind People. The team got 20% discount for 1-month coworking  and will represent their project in the Social Weekend final.

15 January
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