14 July

Work at Hack4SocialChange UN will be organized in the form of a  Hackaton – for 48 hours participants will be developing prototypes which will help solve social problems and challenges. It can be a mobile or a web application, projects based on 3d-printing, projects which use augmented reality, electronic devices based on Arduino or Raspberry PI, and urban projects - architectural, city and many more.


The focus will be on three main themes:

1. Healthy lifestyle: think of innovative ways to raise awareness about HIV and tuberculosis.
2. Environment: think of ways to promote a "green" way of life in Belarus. For example, how to promote products in packages made of recycled materials or how to motivate companies to follow ecological principles in business.
3. Employment for people with disabilities: how to motivate business to be accessible and meet the needs of employees and / or customers with disabilities?


During Hackaton, on September 20-21, participants will develop a prototype of solutions to these problems. During the event the invited experts together with the participants of the Hackaton try to find a workable solutions to these three non-trivial problems and get a chance to develop further ideas into real initiatives with the UN. There will be an opportunity to talk with the experts about the latest technologies and try them out in real life. Food and all the essential resources are guaranteed during the event, as well as opportunities to relax / chill out, not to mention the Red Bull for 48-hour marathon!


Want to participate in Hack4SocialChange? We are looking for talented

Experts on e-Marketing
Everyone who wants to change lives for the better.

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For the participation:

Send your idea of one of the three themes, not later than 23.59 August 3, 2014 to the e-mail innovations.by@undp.org

More information: http://undp.by/en/undp/innovationlab/


Program of Hack4SocialChange UN:

1. Collection of ideas (Call4Ideas) 28.05.2014 - 03.08.2014
2. A jury of experts selects the best 15 ideas
3. Pre-mitap: participants meet with UN experts and mentors 01.09.2014 - 09.07.2014
4. Hack4SocialChange itself 20-21.09.2014 - ideas are implemented within 48 hours with the help of mentors and experts, who will also give workshops.


Top three prototypes (corresponding to each of the themes) will be part of UN projects and will receive $ 1,500 as a grant.

28 November
The authors of the project the Voice.Bel about the conversations with the government, outdated laws and pain
At the first Belarusian GovTech hackathon, which was held during the global Entrepreneurship Week in 2016, won the project the Voice.Bel: a platform for dialogue between business and government, where entrepreneurs will be able to comment on the developed normative-legal acts (PPA), thereby affecting the quality and direction of legislation. Lawyers legal Bureau "VMP Vlasova, Mikhel and Partners" Alexey Filonov and Alexander Veremeev, sponsors the Voice.Bel, told us about the mood of the employees of government agencies, the right of access to NPA and about the weak points of the business.
24 November
$ 2.5 million for startups. Launched a new network of business angels in Minsk
16 ноября в беларуси стартовала программа развития венчурной экосистемы и была запущена сеть бизнес-ангелов. Проект называется aid–venture и рассчитан на 5 лет. Сумма финансирования, которую могут получить белорусские стартапы - 2,5 млн долларов. Группа компаний Bel.biz будет заниматься реализацией программы совместно с венчурным фондом 500 Startups, юридической фирмой «Алейников и партнеры» и программой для венчурных инвесторов Angel Labs. On the 16 of November a programm of venture ecosystem was started together with a network of business-angels. The project is called AID-VENTURE and designed for 5 years. The amount of funding that can get a Belarusian startups is 2.5 million dollars. Group of companies Bel.biz will implement the programme jointly with the venture Fund 500 Startups, a law firm "Aleinikov & partners" program for venture capital investors, Angel Labs.
24 November
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