The list of participants III HR-Congress for more than 170 people!
18 September
Among the companies that have confirmed their participation in the III HR-Congress: Qulix, TRIPLE, MTS, Alfa-Bank, Astotreyding, chain stores 5 element, plus a network of salons Allo, SKODA, Holding "Atlant-M", MTBank, Priorbank, BPS Sberbank, VELCOM, AluminTechno, Helmes Bel Revere Consulting Group, Native Land, OMA, DPD Bel Aktivlizing, KIAT, Magic Island, Work for You, Delta Bank, HoumKreditBank, NeroElektroniks, Polimaster, Mostra Group and others. 
  Go to the event speakers joined Andrius Frantsas (Alliance for Recruitment, Lithuania). Andrius perform in section HR-strategy with the theme of "International HR-trends: the experience and achievements of HR-operation of the Baltic States." Prior to the opening of the company, Andrius worked in American and Irish recruiting companies in the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe, has helped them to grow and take market share. 
In the section "Motivation" to share their experiences managing partner of consulting firm Marxists Maxim Poklonsky. An experienced business coach and consultant to speak with the theme "Development of commercial units: standard errors and practical advice." Maxim Poklonsky has more than 20 years of management experience in marketing and sales. 
Andrew Gusakovsky, managing partner of consulting company "Key decisions" will present a master class "Effective Negotiations with key employees." Master class will improve the skills of regular dialogues with the staff required to work each HR-manager. 
This year, Congress has prepared even more pleasant surprises for the participants! 
Interesting, and most importantly useful gifts to the winners of the contest "Fotolegenda" partners will hand picnic-hotel "expedition" and FOTTO.BY, a fun and vibrant atmosphere HR-club will create Event-partner of the event and a leading Giperpoisk Eugene Buns. 
We remind you that until Congress III HR-8 days left! We invite you to participate in the main HR-country event! 
Details of the program and the latest news III HR-CONGRESS on the event website and in the "Center of Business Growth" in FB 
Design-partner III HR-Congress SVECHKA.BY 
Production of decorative candles, interior decoration services, corporate events, business conferences and celebrations. 
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Information about participation and writing to Congress by phone or e-mail: 
(17) 290-22-92 (tel / fax) 
(29) 776-33-11 (MTS) 
(44) 55-44-147 (velcom) 
21 October
A large two-day conference COMAQA Autumn 2016
5-6 November community COMAQA.BY will hold another great two-day conference devoted to automation and manual testing. Speakers from leading IT companies of Belarus will gather together to talk about their experience in testing and management. The conference will be held in 2 days in 2 flow: we have prepared 6 workshops and more than 16 reports!