BEL.BIZ has launched IMAGURU, the first Startup Hub in Belarus
02 December

Fixed desks are sold out before IMAGURU official launch.

BEL.BIZ is thrilled to announce the launch of a co-working space for founders and their startups in Minsk, Belarus. 9,150 square foot, 2 floors space in the very center of Minsk has room for dozens of startups. IMAGURU Startup Hub is looking for awesome collaborators to learn, share and generally change the world with.

IMAGURU is a place for globally-minded technology ventures, investors and mentors. The hub is built around two core areas: entrepreneurship and innovation. The guiding principle of IMAGURU is knowledge sharing where innovation, commitment to “change the world” idea and self belief are valued.

More than just a space, IMAGURU plans on hosting a lot of startup events and key professional conferences where one can share best practices, learn about the latest trends and achievements in entrepreneurship and innovation. The first event officially hosted by IMAGURU was GEW Belarus on Nov 18-24, where hundreds of participants from 20+ countries enjoyed a great atmosphere of this global entrepreneurship campaign.

“We believe IMAGURU will add to the dynamic startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Belarus. This is another step in the growth of BEL.BIZ. We are excited to provide a space for entrepreneurs to work, connect with others, and be surrounded by the energy and resources critical to the success of a growing venture” said Tania Marinich, BEL.BIZ co-founder and CEO. According to Tania, fixed desks were sold out before IMAGURU official launch, and the team is working on providing more space to meet this growing demand.

Individual desk rent starts at $2 per hour and tops out at $1150 per year. More important than the working space, though, is what comes with it. IMAGURU hosts unique international educational programs in Belarus - TechMinsk and Business Edge, inviting top educators and experts from around the world. Entrepreneurs and investors get access to best education and networking opportunities at IMAGURU.

21 October
A large two-day conference COMAQA Autumn 2016
5-6 November community COMAQA.BY will hold another great two-day conference devoted to automation and manual testing. Speakers from leading IT companies of Belarus will gather together to talk about their experience in testing and management. The conference will be held in 2 days in 2 flow: we have prepared 6 workshops and more than 16 reports!
18 October
Nucleo IoT Hackathon
19-23 October Nucleo IoT Hackathon will take place from Klika Tech. Gather a team of Front-end and Embedded developers to build IoT applications on the STM32 Nucleo platform. Come to make something really cool together!