IMAGURU hosted BEL.BIZ Battle
02 December

On November 21st IMAGURU hosted the only international Startup Competition in Belarus – BEL.BIZ Battle. The audience gathered on the ground floor of IMAGURU. A baker’s dozen of jury members took the entire first row. Among jury panelists are Marvin Liao, a digital expert from Silicon Valley, Tak Lo from Techstars, Rick Rassmussen from NEST GSV.

12 teams were selected for the final stage of BEL.BIZ Battle! Amazing geography of participants: international teams from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus successfully passed to the final.

Here the list of participants:

1) Boostant, Belarus. TechMinsk Startup. Online tool for creating contests (sweepstakes, photocontests) on the social media as a landing page or web-sites. It helps to increase and engage one’s fan base.

2) THINGS, Estonia. Thing Team got their inspiration from Garage48 hackathon. platform is a vital innovation for the future where one can learn about the origin, usage and recycling of things.

3) WATCHAR, Lithuania. It is a marketplace for augmented reality advertising & m-commerce. These guys came from Lithuania. Watchar founders left their jobs (including IBM), moved to another city and today they are a perfect team of 7 co-founders.  

4), Latvia. A tool to create and privately share, download smart infographics. There is also an enterprise offer for white labeled, custom design solutions. The team won Top Innovator: consumer data tools Award at DeveloperWeek 2013 in San Francisco; Winner of Hy! Berlin, Best Start-up Overall at The Next Web.

5) Caspowa, Belarus. This is a website acceleration automated cloud service. The team has launched a beta version (by invitations) in June 2013. There are already several hundred free accounts in They have launched the product in Russia but aim to scale to South America and Middle East.

6), Belarus. Software to analyze productivity of farmers’ fields. Storage for all kind of raster and vector data. The technology helps to increase yield by 8-10%, efficiency of use of mineral fertilizers by up to 40%, and saves 20-30% of pesticides.

7), Ukraine, Lviv. Event management tool which allow to sale and manage tickets (as Eventbrite), network with a free app for networking (as Bizzabo), and select trip companions and cohabitants.

8) LinguaMeleon, Belarus. A new language learning project from TechMinsk Summer Intake graduated team.

9), Belarus. TechMinsk School Startup. These guys are from Grodno, a small town in Western Belarus. They are working on a product for creating epic digital greeting cards.

10) Same like you, Belarus. It is a unique user-matching platform. The team is working on developing the largest base of users’ interests, connecting people and providing them with user-relevant content only. Within the first week of operations the platform has reached about 900 users and 370 000 test responses.

11., Belarus. It is a competition for social projects. It brings people who need money and people with money in one place!

12. Stop Web Disability, Belarus. It is a tool which allows paralyzed people to use the Internet browser. Using the camera and microphone, one can control the mouse cursor. By eye movements, one can move it around the screen, and initiate a click by a voice code.

The winner was undisputable one. The pitch which has got a standing ovation won the main prize: a trip to Silicon Valley in early 2014. Guess who? Stop Web Disability!

Among other winners are (scholarship for TechMinsk), Caspowa and (free participation in Europe Venture Summit) and (free participation in ICDEE’14).

Congrats to all the participants and jury members, that was an amazing event which ended up with a California style networking. Our special thanks to Mikita Mikado, co-founder and CEO of, we could not wish a better moderator.

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