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04 April
Next week as part of the project " MinskFun " workshops will be held for those who want to come up for the hometown cool project , but does not know which way to move.
After the acceptance of applications for the competition changes the urban environment " MinskFun " extended until April 18 , it became obvious that many people have ideas for Minsk , but no concepts , these ideas make original and then implement. Roughly speaking, as of dog poop ( or any other problem Minsk ) to come up with a really creative idea and running . For this next week and we will arrange two workshop .
The first workshop will be held on Tuesday, April 8. It will be called " incubator of ideas. From inspiration to creation, " his Dasha will Gerasimenko , creative group head of marketing services agency PRKVADRAT:
- Whenever there is discontent surrounding space , you can not sit and think about what the city should do for us , and what we can do for the city. In order to come up with a really cool idea and working within the framework of the meeting, we exchanged ideas , inspirational look pogenerim cases and what can be done with native Minsk.
On Thursday , 10 April, will host the second workshop " How to turn your idea into a project," which will be conducted Eugene Klishevich and Ivan  Vedenin, founder and creative director , respectively :
- Admit honestly having started repairs in the apartment , the most important thing - do not give up on everything by hand and do not get off at the very beginning of the process. And in social projects : cool idea - it's 60 % success rate. But it needs to be properly implemented . Knowledge about what where and to whom to go, what to do , what you should spend your money , and what not - it will give it 40% of those who will lead your project to 100% -th success.
All meetings will begin at 19:00 in Business club IMAGURU ( ul.Fabritsiusa , 4). If you have ideas , you still have : a minimum of free coffee and pechenyushki , as a maximum , to meet with the great company of decent people (we will definitely be going there ) .
15 January
The buldings of former factories- an ideal place for coworking, creative spaces and quest rooms
There are a lot of objects in Minsk, that nobody allegedly needs: the buildings of former factories, old administrative areas, basements. Citizens' opinions concerning this question are divided: ones want these building to be ruined, others suppose that they need reconstruction and a chance for a second life. We are followers of the second idea. made a trip around the city and found out, how many functional decisions are created to these buldings.
13 January
"Anywhere without love at all!". Parents- startups advice how to raise a child and the project
A startup is the same child. It borns, grows, become stronger and get on its feet. Sometimes it is ill and capricious. And no doubt, that it needs a lot of uor attention. How is it- to raise a child and a startup at the same time? seek the advice of parents'startupers.
12 January
TechMinsk Winter'17 Batch
TechMinsk is the first Startup Accelerator Program in Belarus. This 5-week educational program is based in Minsk Imaguru Startup HUB. The program consists of evening master-classes, workshops, lectures, and sessions with international and local top notch mentors and experts. They share their experience and provide advice to teams mostly in English (or Russian) .