Official press release conference LIDOGENERATSII
09 September

On October 10th "Academy of lidogeneration" holds conference 'LidFest-2014” for the owners and top managers of companies.

The Conference will be held in Minsk, with the broadcast of speakers from Moscow and speeches of experts in Minsk. About 100 participants are expected at the event.


The conference is intended for small and medium businesses and solves pressing problems of this particular category of managers and entrepreneurs.

The concept of the conference is unique and is dedicated to the issues of attracting customers. The best experts of Russian Federation and Minsk will share their newest ideas on lidogeneration with you:


· Igor Mann;

· Alexander Levitas;

· Rustam Nazipov;

· Andrey Veselov;

· Dmitry Tkachenko;

· Maxim Gorbachev;

· Experts in Minsk (to be confirmed)


Rustam Nazipov, the organizer of the conference in Moscow, entrepreneur, founder of a "Academy of Lidogeneration” training school: "Questions of lidogeneration will always be relevant. 93% of business owners involved in attracting new clients are dissatisfied with the results. Why don’t business owners spend time and money on research and experiments, and in just 1 day get working and proven methodologies for attracting much more "warm" customers without increasing the budget. That is the problem we want to solve at our Lidogeneration conference on October 10. "


You can get acquainted with the detailed program of the conference, a full list of speakers and register at the conference website:


The conference will not only be widely announced in the press and online media, but also recorded on video, which then can be purchased. Part of the video materials will be posted online for free.

We invite media, sponsors and partners to cooperate with us.


For accreditation to the conference, please contact: E-mail:

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