The program of MobileOptimized 2014: opinion leaders mobile development from around the world gather in Minsk!
20 June
June 28 - Day Keynoutov. It planned presentations by representatives of the leading companies in the world and offers the best technological and business conferences in the world. The visitors will perform for the first time in Belarus, and some of the speakers for the first time in the CIS, Phil Hewinson of Facebook, Sascha Pallenberg - founder MobileGeeks, Chris Eidhof - founder, Charles McCathie Nevile, co-author of standards W3C (Yandex), Huib Kleinhout - Technical Lead Opera Coast, Adam Landis - Head LifeStreet Media, Attila Csipa - Nokia / Microsoft, Luis Solano of Pixable.
June 29 - Community Day - will be held in the format of international networking. Away MobileOptimized and among the speakers - the activists and leaders of the various communities of independent developers from more than a dozen cities in Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus: CocoaHeads, GDG and many others.
21 October
A large two-day conference COMAQA Autumn 2016
5-6 November community COMAQA.BY will hold another great two-day conference devoted to automation and manual testing. Speakers from leading IT companies of Belarus will gather together to talk about their experience in testing and management. The conference will be held in 2 days in 2 flow: we have prepared 6 workshops and more than 16 reports!