A Seminar of Legindary John Kehoe!
15 September

On September 27, 2014 the most popular seminar of legendary John Kehoe will be held in Minsk!

"The subconscious can do EVERYTHING! Your path to conscious life! "


The AGENDA of John Kehoe’s Seminar

v the right to prosperity and success is given to us at birth: how to awaken ourselves to take advantages of it;

v consciousness: what it is, how it works both for and against us, inner and outer worlds of our reality;

v Understanding negativity and fear. Why do they have so much power over us? How to get rid of the negativity and fear that drag us down? "Turning off" our emotional energy from unwanted circumstances;

v How to open our potential at full capacity for success and happiness, not only in personal life, but also for the success of the organization in which we work and in the society in which we live;

v The quantum laws that make us strong. How to coexist in 4 parts of the human being: the mind, the body, the soul and the subconscious; The internal dynamics of achieving any goal. Creating thought vibrations that work for us day and night;

v Steps for influencing the subconscious mind. Getting answers from the subconscious; Using your intuition to solve both everyday problems and large-scale problems;

v How to work with imagination and subconscious to create reality. Understanding and using effective visualization techniques; Creating and expanding our capabilities and beliefs in our subconscious;

v How to use the power of the mind to receive financial abundance and to gain power and glory;

You can order tickets and find more information at www.johnkehoe.by


About John Kehoe

John Kehoe (JOHN KEHOE) - is one of the most famous writers in Canada, he is a multimillionaire, a philanthropist and a trainer in personal growth. 

- For 3 years (from 1975 till 1978) John Kehoe has been in seclusion from civilization, he went to live in the forest of the Canadian province (of British Columbia), and there, away from the city and the existing templates of the society, he studied the brain and the possibility of full use of human potential. After that, John Kehoe returned to civilized life and offered his self-development program, which still has great success.

- Author of 5 bestsellers, translated into 30 languages ​​and with more than 50 million copies sold.

- John Kehoe has been training people on personal growth for 37 years.

- More than 2 million followers have attended John’s workshops.

- If we want to describe John Kehoe in few words they would be “the wise man of our time”. We can say with certainty that he is a man, who knows what he is teaching.

Read more on the website: www.johnkehoe.by, or call:

+375 (33) 6490804

+375 (29) 6490804

+375 (25) 6490804

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