September 26 was held in Minsk III HR-CONGRESS. The list of participants was more than 200 people
30 September
The Congress program included performances as Belarusian HR-experts and invited speakers. Their experiences with the participants shared their practices, as well as prominent business coaches and consultants from Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus. 
Headlining the event was Eugene Shamis (Moscow), the founder and CEO of Shepra S Pro. Eugene made ​​a presentation and a master class on the topic of generational challenges in business. 
A review of international trends in HR-made ​​Dmitry ZLOBIN, president of Association of Personnel Search Consultants, a partner of the Congress in Russia. 
Groups of students gathered invited speakers III HR-Congress. Among them, a leading business coach of Russia, President of the Professional Association "Club business coaches" Michael Molokans, head HeadHunter Northwest (Saint-Petersburg) Julia Sakharova, founder of OMConsulting (Lithuania) Oriana Mashaal, owner and partner of one of the largest recruiting and consultancies Baltic «Alliance for Recruitment» Andrius FRANTSAS (Lithuania), CEO DOPOMOGA Ukraine Kateryna SKIBSKAYA. 
According to Olga Pavlova, HR-community in Belarus is ready to implement the main HR-trends: the work on employee retention, HR-individualization of work, strengthening the role of HR in the preparation of tools for line managers. 
Belarusian HRy also shared their experiences with their colleagues. 
Veronica QUEEN, Head of Staff Development "MTBank", shared the experience of creating an attractive HR-brand, spoke about the practical tools of formation of internal and external HR-brand. 
Interactive and exciting master class organized by Anna AGASHKOVA, business coach CG "Here and Now." Together with my colleagues Anna told about tools involvement in the life of talent. 
Speakers from the "BPS-Sberbank" Lyudmila SHMYGOVA Svetlana TARULENE Anna Bogushevich Victoria Tomasevic offered their vision of the corporation and employee interaction, mutual influence of the change as a person working in the bank, and the bank itself. 
Bright and actively passed the final debate III HR-Congress "to find common ground: top managers and HR». Emotionally and in the format of the discussion led by the moderators Mudrik Alexander and Alexander Pankov, participants discussed as a matter of "mutual expectations tops and HR-managers" and the question "Who defines the boundaries of responsibility for HR-job." The panellists were successful top managers Minsk Sergei Mette (TM "Onega"), Anatoly BORISEVICH (JSC "BPS-Bank", Deputy. Chairman of the Board), Sergey Tsarik (HA «Webcom Media», director). During the discussion, the participants agreed that much depends on the objectives of the company and the management culture in it. Depending on this, HR can be a manager and business partner, and even HR-transformer. Top managers expect HRov greater literacy in the field of business management, higher activity and independence. HR-Director wants greater awareness, greater involvement in the process of creating HR-strategy. 
The informal part of the Congress brought a lot of pleasant surprises participants of the event. 
Event-partner HR-club Hyperpoisk prepared a rich program of the evening. The mood created host of the evening Paul SHESTAKOV. HR-club opened a new format of the drum circle from school Tekadum. HR-drummers do not just create an active atmosphere, but also performed all the drum circle several world music hits. 
Partners Congressional Picnic Hotel "Expedition" and FOTTO.BY awarded winners of the "Fotolegenda" and presented certificates to the corporate recreation and high-quality printing of corporate photo book. 
In the music paused known cover versions of Sting and Ray Charles sang a wonderful jazz Yegiazarov. 
All participants noted the substantial program III HR-Congress and the intimate atmosphere of the event. Wonderful decoration of halls and coffee lounges created Design-partner III HR-Congress SVECHKA.BY. 
Organizing Committee III HR-Congress begins preparations for the spring festival Gathering of business HR-technology «HR-Master." The key theme of the Festival "The effectiveness of HR-management." 
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28 November
The authors of the project the Voice.Bel about the conversations with the government, outdated laws and pain
At the first Belarusian GovTech hackathon, which was held during the global Entrepreneurship Week in 2016, won the project the Voice.Bel: a platform for dialogue between business and government, where entrepreneurs will be able to comment on the developed normative-legal acts (PPA), thereby affecting the quality and direction of legislation. Lawyers legal Bureau "VMP Vlasova, Mikhel and Partners" Alexey Filonov and Alexander Veremeev, sponsors the Voice.Bel, told us about the mood of the employees of government agencies, the right of access to NPA and about the weak points of the business.
24 November
$ 2.5 million for startups. Launched a new network of business angels in Minsk
16 ноября в беларуси стартовала программа развития венчурной экосистемы и была запущена сеть бизнес-ангелов. Проект называется aid–venture и рассчитан на 5 лет. Сумма финансирования, которую могут получить белорусские стартапы - 2,5 млн долларов. Группа компаний будет заниматься реализацией программы совместно с венчурным фондом 500 Startups, юридической фирмой «Алейников и партнеры» и программой для венчурных инвесторов Angel Labs. On the 16 of November a programm of venture ecosystem was started together with a network of business-angels. The project is called AID-VENTURE and designed for 5 years. The amount of funding that can get a Belarusian startups is 2.5 million dollars. Group of companies will implement the programme jointly with the venture Fund 500 Startups, a law firm "Aleinikov & partners" program for venture capital investors, Angel Labs.
24 November
Attention! New fresh fixes!
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