Product Line

Startup HUB Investment Analyst

Location: any location (Vilnius, or Warsaw desirable)

Imaguru Startup Hub is a company on a mission to continuously enrich the tech ecosystem with talented people and companies. Our vision is to give talents access to the right tools and resources so they are able to build extraordinary things. Our key north star metric is the number of monthly engaged talents, as we believe that an engaged community attracts partners, corporate clients, and investors.

As a Startup HUB Investment Analyst you will be working closely with startup founders, residents at Imaguru, to help them attract investors and increase their investability level. That means Startup HUB Investment Analyst will collect information from founders, perform research, and analyze, help prepare documents like financial modeling, pitch decks, and other. Startup HUB Investment Analyst will make intros to investors and corporate VCs to help founders reach goals in investments. Startup HUB Investment Analyst will work in close cooperation with the Product team providing a specific service for Imaguru residents and will be challenged in scaling those services in a larger number of founders offline and online. Startup HUB Investment Analyst will work in close cooperation with the Imaguru Investment team suggesting a dealflow for Imaguru Fund investments,


  • Providing research and information to startup founders and Imaguru staff
  • Providing an insight into VC trends and evaluating investment potential
  • Analyzing the market information, specific industries and creating the market overview reports, specific industries reports.
  • Forming strong communication and relationship with Imaguru residents (meetings, communication platform, social media, newsletters)
  • Ensuring the Imaguru community of founders / residents is well managed and that potential investment opportunities of residents are highlighted.
  • Analyzing financial information, such as financial statements, company accounts and sector data, highlighting problem areas and suggesting solutions, providing financial modeling and projection.
  • Tracking residents’ progress, assisting in setting goals, measuring core metrics for portfolio startups
  • Connecting residents with investors, founders and mentors, using Imaguru and partners’ network
  • Using tools of Google for Startups and other partners and corporations to support Imaguru residents.
  • Supporting residents’ on initiatives such as mentorship needs, network, fundraising, hiring, business development, etc
  • Shaping financial metrics for residents’ startups.
  • Scouting new startups for Imaguru residency.
  • Building network among partners, ecosystem builders, entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Drafting and writing research reports.


  • Education in business, finance or technology
  • Understanding how startup and VC ecosystems work
  • Experience in a venture capital activities, accelerator or early-stage investment firm is desirable
  • Skills at examining and interpreting data from different sources and understanding the impact this will have for investment decision making.
  • Expert level communication / presenting skills
  • Outstanding work ethic and attention to detail
  • Excellent English
  • Analytical mindset, love for data and at the same time creativity
  • Great organizational skills
  • Friendly and personable who love interacting with people with a smile
  • Super flexible, able to multitask and be ready to go the extra mile

To apply

  • email your CV with “Startup HUB Investment Analyst” in the subject line to