Product Line

Imaguru Innovation Development Manager

Location: any location (Vilnius, or Warsaw desirable)

Imaguru Startup Hub is a company on a mission to continuously enrich the tech ecosystem with talented people and companies. Our vision is to give talents access to the right tools and resources so they are able to build extraordinary things. Our key north star metric is the number of monthly engaged talents, as we believe that an engaged community attracts partners, corporate clients, and investors.

As the Innovation Development Manager position with a strong focus on Imaguru product value to corporations, you will report directly to the Product Lead and develop existing products and design new outstanding products for Imaguru clients. Innovation Development Manager should know how corporations make decisions, their needs and challenges, as well as would be able to connect with some of them. Innovation Development Manager acts as a connector between Imaguru Startup HUB and the corporate world.

You will be responsible for:

  • Design, model, and package solutions for customer innovation and experience along with similar initiatives variants.
  • Design, research, develop, analyze and suggest new innovation development concepts as well as strategies.
  • Interview, research, analyze corporate clients and their needs in order to meet their expectations.
  • Scan the environment for emerging trends, technologies and potential disruptions, look for gaps in the market, customer needs and areas for improvement within their organization and Identifying opportunities for corporate innovation
  • Connect corporate clients with Imaguru Startup HUB and assist in closing sales deals.
  • Provide corporate clients with everything needed from to steer the innovation process
  • Manage and attain customer expectations and ensure delivery fulfill expectations.
  • Perform as strategic partner to Product Lead of influence change and new processes.
  • Contribute and influence strategic direction for senior leadership using informal and formal communication.
  • Coordinate new product along with packaging plans with suitable contacts.

The ideal candidate should have:

  • At least 3 years in innovation development for corporations, startup management and VC industry.
  • Understanding how corporations work, how they make decisions, their needs.
  • Network of corporate clients.
  • Experience in a leadership role, direct successful management of a team of 2 or more employees.
  • Strong analytical skills for a candidate to process product data
  • Strong mentorship and coaching skills, and proven track record of growing talent within a team.
  • Experience in building a discipline from scratch, cross-functional collaboration, and building deep trustful relationships with key people in the company.

As an Innovation Development Manager, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction of the company, build your team and make a real impact on the growth of Imaguru Startup Hub. If you are passionate about sales and are excited about the opportunity to lead a team and make a difference, we encourage you to apply.

To apply

  • Email your CV with “IMAGURU Innovation Development” in the subject line to