Imaguru Solidarity Program. Large Donation

It is impossible to create innovative products that change the world in a country where brutal violence is normal and the law is not respected. Entrepreneurs in Belarus can't work, live, and feel protected and free. Imaguru, a community of free entrepreneurs and tech professionals, stands up together with all those who fight for freedom, dignity, and human rights. We cannot accept violence and disregard for human rights as a new normal in our country. We are committed to providing support, assistance, and advice to affected entrepreneurs, and all victims of the violence and their families. We announce IMAGURU SOLIDARITY PROGRAM, a scope of initiatives in 4 areas Entrepreneurship education IT education Legal advice Psychological assistance to help startups who were forced to suspend their work during this difficult period, victims of violence and their families, as well as all those who have lost their jobs or are planning to resign from government agencies, and ready to start in a new profession. All programs are free to participate. That's why we highly appreciate your help. Please donate to support Imaguru Solidarity program to let us help more people who suffered from repressions in Belarus. If you are in please donate.